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TR-1 Biosoy hydraulic fluid or oil garmin.

Garmin TR-1 BioSoy Hydraulic Oil


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Garmin TR1 Gold Autopilot  - 1 pint BioSoy fluid

BioSoy is a multi season hydraulic fluid formulated from a natural source and will minimize environmental  impact should a spill or leak occur.  Protects against wear, provides superior lubrication and easy to clean, Garmin TR1 fluid is the only choice for your marine autopilot.

As a Garmin Certified installer and one of the nation's leading TR-1 dealers, we stock a full line of spare parts including:

  • Biosoy Hydraulic fluid
  • ECU (the silver box behind the pump/manifold)
  • Pump/Mainfold
  • Handheld
  • Compass ball
  • Throttle control
  • Cylinder bracket kit
  • Cylinder
  • 3, 6 & 10 meter ext. cables
  • On/Off Deck switch

Tech Note:  DO NOT overfill the clear TR-1 tank on the manifold.  From the base of the clear tank the fluid level should be >.5" and not more than 1".  Also, as oil ages and oxidizes it will naturally darken.  This is OK.  What is not OK is when you see creamy fluid that is 'Mocha' colored.  This means water has gotten in the system.  If you see the Mocha fluid, stop using the TR-1 immediately and it's then possible that some portions of the system may not need to be replaced.

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